Keepin' Up with LIG

Let It Grow Farm is a small family farm operated by Michael and Caroline Lang in Selma, NC.  We grow vegetables using organic methods and raise laying hens on pasture.  There are many values and goals that drive our desire to farm.  We believe that there is value in growing and preparing food in ways that improve the quality of our health, relationships, cultures, traditions, and lives.  We want to grow food that will nourish us, our friends, our families, and our customers.  We want to grow food in a way that is healthy to us and to our land.  We want to grow food in a way that enriches our local community.  We want to raise our animals in a way that is healthy and respectful to them and our land.  We believe there is value in a lifestyle of laboring on the land.  We intentionally farm on a small scale because we believe that there are things more important than growth and efficiency.  Finally, we believe that there is value in relearning and perpetuating important skills for self-sustenance that are being quickly forgotten.  

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